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Steven C. Wyer has ridden out many economic storms over thirty five years of business. As the owner of several successful businesses, Steven C. Wyer has worked with banks, clients and independent contractors to navigate credit lines, debt to income ratios and account receivables. Steven C. Wyer began his professional career working for CNA Insurance. As he expanded his underwriters for estate planning insurance products, Steven C. Wyer built a successful General Agency by aggressively managing growth and matching it with agency receivables.

Steven C. Wyer took this early experience and applied the same disciplines later when he started Wyer Creative Communications. Initially, Steven C. Wyer allowed the firm to establish itself through self funded liquidity. Growth demanded more flexibility and after considering options, Steven C. Wyer selected a working relationship with SunTrust Capital based in Atlanta, Georgia. Steven C. Wyer initially worked through local channels however as growth increased, Steven C. Wyer had account services transferred to Atlanta. Steven C. Wyer negotiated a mezzanine debt structure utilizing subordinated debt instruments coupled with a flexible working line of credit. This allowed Steven C. Wyer to access growth capital as the business expanded.

Steven C. Wyer again utilized these same approaches as the founder of a private firm focused on acquisition of delinquent consumer debt. By negotiating performance based contracts with vendors, Steven C. Wyer no longer required working lines of credit for growth. Vendor compensation was addressed based on performance only fees. Steven C. Wyer managed fourteen such vendors as the business grew. Steven C. Wyer did not utilize leverage to fund the business. By managing receivables and overhead the business grew without the burden of debt.

These days, through online reputation management company, Steven C. Wyer helps those whose reputations have been marred online. Additionally, Steven C. Wyer recently authored Violated Online.In the book, Steven C. Wyer details how the very laws that protect our rights to free speech have backfired on us in the Internet age. The government will rarely step in when someone has been defamed online, Steven C. Wyer says, leaving companies and individuals with nowhere to turn. Violated Online arms readers with the tools necessary to survive in the digital age, outlining specific steps everyone can take today to protect against an online attack. The book is available from Amazon in softcover and e-book format, with downloads also available for the Nook, iBook, Kindle, and PDF. For more information,

Posted on May 8th, 2011
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